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The fabric design of the dust filter bag should be as efficient as possible, easy to dust off and durable. Dust filter bag is one of the important parts in the precipitator, bag filter is generally according to the properties of dust, dust removal by way of the nature and filter according to the different dust filter bag, so the choice of dust filter bag are also different.


First, select the suitable dust filter bag according to the requirements of working conditions.


Secondly, dust bag is selected according to the special properties of dust.


Finally, the dust filter bag is selected according to the cleaning method of the duster.


 PP filter bag series 1 food industrial flour insutrial sugar plant
 PP filter bag series 2 electroplating  pesticide industries fertilizer plant
 Acrylic filter bag dergent industry coal powder collection  
 Acrylic filter bag series 1 detergent waste incineration asphalt
 Acrylic filter bag series 2 spray dryer coal mill power plant industries
 Polyester filter bag series 1 mine limestone cement
 Polyester filter bag series 2 iron steel induestries alumina delivery
 Polyester filter bag series 3 wood processing food processing pharmacy industry
 Polyester filter bag series 4 electrolytic aluminium non-ferrous metal production  
 PPS filter bag series 1 low oxidation gas from coal-fired boiler waste incineration metal smelting
 PPS filter bag series 2  chemical industries    
 M-Aramide filter bag series 1 asphalt non-ferrous metal production ceramic
 M-Aramide filter bag series 2 glass industries Kilin in cement factories blast furnace in steel factory
 Polyimide filter bag series 1 corrosive gas such as chemical  metal smelting
 Polyimide filter bag series 2 waste incineration industries cement kiln coal-fired boiler
 PTFE filter bag series 1 corrosive gas high temperature such as chemical industry
 PTFE filter bag series 2 coal-fired boiler waste incineration industry  non-ferrous metal production
 fiberglass filter bag series 1 powder collection plant         
 fiberglass filter bag series 2 Aluminum industry    
 fiberglass filter bag series 3 Waste incineration conditions    
 fiberglass filter bag series 4 carbon plant    
 fiberglass filter bag series 5 chemical plant    

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